Thursday, 8 November 2012

Our 2nd Peace Day Preparation Meeting

... is planned for tomorrow, Friday, Nov 9th, 2:00 pm, 135. 

Please join us!

All those of you who love dancing: 

please remember to let Harleen Kaur know that you would like to perform! Email:

1-minute performances are also okay if you don't have time to work on something longer. We would like to have some international variety here! You can also just wear traditional clothing from your home country (or any other country you would like to represent), find some authentic music and walk down the aisle :) 

We still need... 

* more dancers, 
* some tables/posters with info-displays about aspects of peace
* some fun activities 
* people who help serve the food 
* people who help decorate the place
* people who help with the clean-up and recycling of the used dishes!

Also needed: 

... more people who get REALLY active and create a more sustainable environment at FDU! If you are interested in that, please feel also free to come to the Sustainability Committee meeting tomorrow, at 1:00 pm!

Hope to see you all tomorrow for our 2nd Peace Day Prep meeting! 

Our last planning meeting for Peace Day will happen on Monday, Nov 19th at 4:00 (not on Friday, Nov 16th). 


  1. Hello everybody,
    For those of you interested in know more about the BRITISH COLUMBIA RECYCLING PROGRAMS available around the province, access the below link for the online handbook which contains important information.

    This handbook is basically, a simple guide of what can be recycled under BC's Stewardship programs.

    I have contacted Tire Stewardship BC in order to get printed copies for the Peace day event and they are shipping a few copies to be distributed during the event at FDU.

    If you have any questions about this handbook, feel free to contact either me or Professor Gudrun.
    Willian Guilherme

    1. Excellent, Willian! Thank you so much for finding the handbook and for making copies available!